Backup Features 🛡️

  • Continuous Protection: Monitors file changes in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Backup: Covers desktops, laptops, servers, external & network drives.
  • Scheduling & Modes: Set backups on a schedule and choose from turbo, smart, battery-saving, or presentation modes.
  • User-Friendly: Step-by-step configuration wizard and intuitive data selection.
  • File Management: Advanced filtering (type, size, date), open file backup, and smart rename detection.
  • Efficiency: Block level backups for large files and 3-tier deduplication for optimal storage.
  • Security: Military-grade 256-AES file encryption.
  • Pause/Resume backups
  • Performance: Lightweight client with backend operations and intelligent bulk upload for speed.

Backup any file, no matter the size, with Zoolz’s robust system.

Security 🛡️

  • Military-Grade Encryption: AES encryption for files before transfer.
  • Secure Transfers: 256-AES encryption during file transfers.
  • Regulation Compliant: Adheres to all data safety laws.
  • Instant Decryption: On-demand file access.

Cold Storage ❄️

  • Instant Backup: For rarely accessed files.
  • Cost-Effective: 1 TB for unlimited users at $16.67/mo.
  • Zero Restore Cost: No additional charges.
  • Remote Restore: Access backed-up photos and restore remotely.

Enterprise Level Web Core 🌐

  • AWS Infrastructure: Reliable and secure.
  • Smart Deduplication: Supports encrypted files.
  • Secure Sharing: Private file sharing with decryption on demand.
  • Link Management: Expire, protect, and unshare links easily.