Do-It-Yourself IT

Being an administrator has it’s daunting tasks and hassles. Here at Zoolz, we understand how deploying and managing new services can be a cumbersome task; therefore, we simplified the entire process, for an easier and more usable experience.

Active Directory Deployment

Zoolz simplifies the installation process of the software via Active Directory Support. With Group Policies (GPO), you can push the sign up credentials, backup policy, and storage limits. Once the setup is deployed, the backup starts without any intervention.
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If your company is globally distributed, Zoolz offers several options to simplify users deployment with email invites, CSV import, centralized users management, client locator and more.

Manage Users, Computers And Servers

At any time, you can activate, suspend, delete users, reset passwords, set storage limits and assign new backup policies.

All changes are pushed instantly with a click of a button.

Remote Backup Configuration

From a centralized web console, via policies, you can:

  • Select Data to Back up
  • Apply filters and regular expressions
  • Set access privileges
  • Specify what WiFi Network to backup on
  • Configure Backup Schedule
  • Allow user to set their encryption password
  • And so much more